Belize Mayan Ruins

From 250 to 900 A.D. the mayan's created various art structures and temples. They used stone and jade in making them. Altun Ha is an important Mayan ruin from Belize City. Altun Ha means Water of the Rock. Here they found a Jade Head - largest carved jade object in the whole Maya area - representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau.

Belize Mayan Ruins-Lamanai

The third largest archeological site in Belize is Lamanai. Lamanai means submerged crocodile. At present Lamanai can only be reached by road from San Felipe Village in a strong vehicle during the dry season.

Belize Mayan Ruins

However, the more popular route is by the New River Lagoon, a waterway rich in the natural history of the country Boats can be hired from Guinea Grass or Shipyard.

Belize Mayan Ruins-Colha

Colha means water cabbage. It is situated in northern Belize in a swampy area built on an islet-like piece of land. Archaeologists have estimated that large quantities of flint artifacts were exported from this area to other Mayan sites.

Belize Mayan Ruins-Cerros

Cerros is also located in the northern Belize on a peninsula across from Corozal Town and in the Bay of Chetumal. Cerros has seaside location which causes erosion problems.

Belize Mayan Ruins

Inorder to preserve the artwork and carvings from rate of erosion many of these have been covered from plaster. Covering the carvings from plaster makes their viewing difficult.

Belize Mayan Ruins-Xunantunich

Located in the beautiful Cayo District of Western Belize, Xunantunich Ruins borders Guatemala and is only accessible across the river by a hand ferry. The lovely ceremonial centre of Xunantunich, with its impressive stone pyramid and stunning views of Belize and Guatemala reveals the beauty of Maya architecture.

Belize Mayan Ruins-Nim Li Punit

Nim Li Punit means the place of stelae. Excavations at this ceremonial center, discovered in 1976, indicated that it was important during the Late Classic Period.

Belize Mayan Ruins

Of the more than 25 stelae found at the site, at least 8 are carved, one of which remains the tallest carved stela in Belize and in most of the Maya area, measuring 9 meters (31 feet).

Belize Mayan Ruins-Lubaantun

Lubaantun means "the Place of the Fallen Stones". Lubaantun is located in Punta Gorda, Toledodistrict. The pyramids at Lubaantun are manmade platform stood pyramids. The buildings on top of these pyramids were perishable in nature and not made of concrete material and are therefore no longer there today.

Belize Mayan Ruins

In addition to the restored ruins currently found in Belize such as Caracol, Xunantunich, Altun Ha, and Lamanai, many other large sites exist still hidden away in the remote jungles all across the country. Mayan temples and structures are now a tourist spot. Various cultural activities and exhibitions are planned at the mayan temples for 2012.

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