Ancient Mayan Leaders and Rulers

Ancient Mayan Leader Lady of Tikal

Tikal was ruled by Lady of Tikal who ascended the throne after the king Chak Tok Ich'aal II at a young age of six years. Lady of Tikal reigned for 23 years. She ruled along with Kaloomté Bahlam. Lady of Tikal has been portrayed on Stela 23. Tikal was an important religious, economic, political and military center. Stela 6 and 12 also refer to Lady of Tikal. She ruled over Tikal from 511-527 AD.

Ancient Mayan Leaders and Rulers

Ancient Mayan Leader Lady Yohl Ik'nal

She was the 8th ruler of Palenque. She was the queen from 583 to 604. Lady Yohl Ik'nal succeeded Kan Bahlam I but it is unclear as to whether she was his daughter or blood relative. She is believed to have had full royal titles and rule in her own right.

She was the first female ruler recorded in the Mayan history. During her reign, Palenque lost an important battle to Calakmul. This battle was fought in 599. She was the wife of King Janaab Pakal, the mother of Lady Sak K'uk' and grandmother of King Pakal. Lady Yohl Ik'nal was succeeded by Aj Ne'Yohl.

Ancient Mayan Leader Lady Six Sky

She was the daughter of Bajlaj Chan K'awiil and reigned from 662 to 741 AD. She arrived at Naranjo as a queen and re-established a royal dynasty. It is believed that she performed crucial calendric rituals.

She is depicted on monuments to be a warrior king. Stelas 24, 28 and 29 portray her with powers. She invaded Ucanal, one of the important Mayan cities. Conquering Ucanal made Naranjo a powerful city which challenged Caracol in the east.

Ancient Mayan K'inich Janaab' Pakal

He was the king of Palenque and reigned for a long period of 68 years. He ascended the throne in 615 when he was 12 years old. The name Pakal means shield. He expanded the power of Palenque in western part of the Mayan Empire.

king of Palenque

He was responsible to change the fate of Palenque and encouraged the growth of art and architecture by setting up a building program. He expanded the territory of Palenque on the western part of Mayan states.

During his reign, Pakal ordered the construction of the Temple of Inscription and he was buried in this temple. Pakal died when he was 80 years old and was succeeded by his elder son Chan Bahlum II. After his death, Pakal was worshipped as god.

Ancient Mayan Yik'in Chan K'awiil

He was the 27th ruler of the Tikal dynasty and reigned from 734-766. He is considered to be one of the most successful rulers of Tikal. Yik'in Chan K'awiil invaded Calakmul and a couple of its allies, El Peru and Naranjo, thus expanding the boundaries of Tikal and making it powerful. During his reign, a lot of structures were erected and many of them have still survived. He married Shana'Kin Yaxchel Pacal of Lakamha.

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