Inca Education System

Introduction to Inca Education System

It may be surprising that Inca people never invented any sorts of writing. Though there was Quipu, but they never read or wrote any book or any writings. So there education system was not a conventional one. Still they had established an education system.

Inca Education System

Their educational system did not cover general people. It was only for some specific peoples. Sons of the Inca nobles, sons of the kings of conquered peoples and virgins of the suns went to schools for four years.

Inca Education System for Boys

Sons of the nobles received Quechua language training on the first year at school at Cusco. In the second year they were taught Inca religion. Next year they learnt Quipu. Quipu was the only tools in those days to keep records of population and foods. So considerable amount of time was spent on Quipu. In fourth year they learnt Inca history.

During their school days these students also learnt physical training and military techniques. Since they had no script to write or read, the education system was based on listening and memorizing. Teachers were called Amautas. They taught their student by practice, repetition and experience.

Inca Education System for Girls

Training for the girls was different. Not that all the girls got the chance to go to the schools. The girls with talent and beauty were chosen from the villages.

Inca Education System

They were named as virgin of the sun. They were given training on the art of spinning, weaving, cooking, chicha-making, and religion. They also went to school for four years.

Graduation in Inca Education System

At the age of sixteen after four years in the schools, boys became ready to graduate. But it was not easy to pass this hurdle. They had to go through a series of difficult tests. They had to go through boxing, wrestling, running, fighting and other difficult physical tasks.

School and University

In thirteenth century Inca Sinchi Roca established a school at Cusco. The men who taught in these schools were philosophers, amautas and poets. Since they had no writing systems the teachers spoke and the students listened. Schools for boys were called in Quechua, while schools for girls were called Yachaywasi. General people never got the chance to go to these schools.

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