Inca Trail Permits

Inca trail is one of the most stunning trails of the world. It is the part of world heritage sites. Inca trekking trails have scenic beauty, are famous for their ruins, the city of Machu Picchu, the fortresses and temples, enigmatic canyons, diversified flora and fauna, cloud forests and many more.

It is a one-time life experience but such an experience comes with a cost!

The cost here is in form of Inca trail permits. To do a hike in this trail one needs a proper permit as per the natural heritage protection norms. The Inca trail permits were introduced with the vision to protect this legacy from getting spoiled by the uncaring mankind.

Inca Trail Permits

It was in 2002 this regulation was introduced by UNESCO due to the continuous spoilage of the beauty of this place by untamed campers who littered here and there, threw garbage, used wrecks to do their business. It was after this issue was brought into light Inca trail permits were introduced.

It is during the month of February the trail remains closed for the execution of Preservation schemes. No permits are allotted to any person.

Rules and regulations

1. Restricted number of people for the trail. The upper limit to this number is 500 and not a single person exceeding this number is allowed.

2. All the hikers are under continuous monitoring.

3. Everybody on the trail is expected not to litter, hunt animal, start open fire, fiddle with stones of the ruins, uproot plants, or trees.

Steps to get Inca trail permits

Choose the tour operator

Choose the operator who is offering the best package. Once, chosen check out the license of the tour operator.


Payment is to be done in order to pay for the trail. The payment procedure includes paying the tour operator and a non-refundable assurance deposit. This assurance deposit is to assure that the trekker will come and if he is not able to make it; the deposit cannot be refunded.

No lists are made whether you are in a confirmed list or waiting one. If anyone gives assurance to do so then the operator can be a fraud.

Check the passport

Provide an authentic copy of passport to your tour operator. It is mandatory as non-availability of passport results in not issuance of any trek permit.

In case some amendments are made in the passport then the changed information should be notified well in advance. All the personal details are required while filling the form.

Booking should be done in advance

A near about four month's-time is required to get the permit for the trail easily. It not only saves the booking tensions but also helps in getting permit without any trouble.

This is also helpful in case of peak seasons.

Inca trail permits availability

Go to the tour agent's website and check for the month for which you want the permit.

Personal porters

They can be your helping hands if you are not much used to of trekking or hiking and you face problem while carrying backpacks. Personal porters are also supplied by the tour operator for assistance in carrying loaded backpacks.

The Inca trail permits give you an ultimate access to a paradise. A little effort is required to get the trail permit, once gotten then be prepared for a dazzling experience.

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